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At Calm Creatures, I believe that happier pets equal happier people.

We know how we feel when our well-loved animals are in pain or distress. That sense of unease turns to worry. We want the best for them; after all, they are part of the family too. Would you like to see your animal guide its own health and well-being? Would you like to learn how to observe their behaviour in response to picking their own remedies? Then please read on…..

Sparkle the pony selecting peppermint essential oil for mouth ulcers
Empowering you to support your pet’s health.
Booze, my beloved cat, asleep on the bed.. never forgotten
Helping pets gain balance and well-being.
Henry the dog self selecting
Respecting each animal and you as the lovely and unique individuals you are.

Each animal:

  • Has the innate ability to choose
  • Can self-select its own remedy
  • Can self-select how the plant extracts are taken
  • Knows how much it wants

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face”
– Ben Williams

This is Applied Zoopharmacognosy – Helping Animals to Help Themselves.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy is not a subsitute for veterinary care; it complements it. Practitioners never diagnose.