Some clients have been kind enough to say some very nice things! Thank you.

Sangria – borderline laminitis

Sangria – a pony with borderline laminitis

Tracy came to see Sangria because of signs of borderline laminitis. I did not want her separated from her herd for box rest. It was a fascinating process to watch. Sangria picked Arnica macerate, Peppermint essential oil and Dead Sea Mineral Mud (DSMM), all often selected for laminitis. Choosing to eat the Arnica and Peppermint essential oil and have DSMM applied topically to her hooves. She was very clear in what she wanted and did not want. Even stamping her hooves to indicate which foot she wanted dealing with first! Her symptoms were much relieved after two sessions. She did not need to go on 24/7 box rest. Thanks to Tracy, I could maintain Sangria through summer by offering her Arnica, Peppermint and DSMM which she selected when needed.

Charmaine M, Derbyshire

Torrin the German Shepherd relaxing

Torrin – a very itchy German Shepherd

I would just like to say a big thank you for your AZ session with my dog, Torrin. He had been so miserable with itchy skin, a sore nose and biting and chewing at his legs and paws. Not wishing to go down the steroid route, we came to Tracy at Calm Creatures. What an interesting consultation. I cannot recommend Tracy highly enough. After Torrin’s few sessions, he had no more problems with itchy skin. And he loves his Chickweed oil.

– Angie S, Derbyshire

Evie the cat sitting on a box of essential oils
Evie relaxing by inhaling Frankincense

Evie – a scaredy cat

I had a fabulous AZ session with Tracy with my cat Evie. She is no longer as nervous as she was and is now a very relaxed kitty. She now has an even cheekier and affectionate personality.

– Jenny J, South Yorkshire

Navidad – Sweet Itch Help

Navidad – a pony with Sweet Itch and emotional trauma from a previous accident

Navidad had been herded by a dominant horse she had lived with for four years. She ended up hitting her head when she collapsed from being chased. This resulted in severe physical and emotional issues. She has also suffered with Sweet Itch for the last two summers. Tracy offered remedies for both physical and emotional issues. Navidad chose different extracts for Sweet Itch and for the emotional trauma. She chose calming oils and dried herb plant extracts to support the immune system such as Barley Grass powder which she couldn’t get enough of. She also wanted oils often selected for allergies. Navidad was very clear where she wanted the remedies applying. After a week she seemed more confident in herself and looked brighter. Her Sweet Itch eased and throughout the summer offering her Peppermint and Aloe Vera gel helped to ease the itching.

– Charmaine M, Derbyshire

Tilly – a Westie with attitude

Tilly – a Westie with attitude

You’ve done it again! Tilly was limping with her back leg so called Tracy in.   Tilly is an uncooperative, grumpy lass but Tracy treated her just the same. Much to my surprise, Tilly accepted it. Thanks to Tracy and the AZ consultation, we now have two happy dogs and a Westie who still likes growling at camels on TV but without the limp!

– Angie S, Derbyshire


Dinky and Della – separation anxiety

Dinky and Della – separation anxiety, fear and bullying behaviour

Tracy came to see Dinky initially, however it became clear that my other Miniature Shetland, Della, also needed help too. Over a course of sessions there was a significant change with both ponies to the point of them becoming best friends again. Tracy was both accepting and supportive to me and my equines and I would recommend her without any hesitation in respect of both physical and emotional needs.

– Tracy D, Derbyshire

Henry self-selecting Barleygrass

Henry – a nervous little Bichon Frise

Henry’s overall well-being has improved tremendously since his AZ sessions with Tracy at Calm Creatures. It has been captivating watching Henry select what he needs and refuse and ignore what he doesn’t. He adores her and is fascinated by her kit of wonderful smells and tastes. He is happier, healthier and calmer since his sessions. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Tracy for help in future. She is a gem.

– Claire S, Derbyshire